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Fractures | Sprains

If It Is Broke, Do Fix It

Did you know that more than 99 percent of calcium in the human body is found within the bones and teeth? The bones that make up our skeleton are surprisingly resilient to stress, provided they have enough of a calcium supply. But even then, as many parents of sporting children can attest, they can break. The good news is that our body is extremely adept at healing broken bones in the right environment. In most cases a broken bone can be splinted or casted. Within months to a year, the bone will be good as new! The full process can take more time depending on the severity of the break, but usually normal activities can be resumed before the bone is 100 percent healed.

Types of breaks

Doctors mostly refers to breaks as “fractures”, and not all fractures are created equal. Fractures can be open or closed, partial or complete, displaced or non-displaced, etc. Pain can range from intense to not being noticeable at all.

The most common types of breaks include

  • Transverse - A break that goes straight across the bone
  • Stress Fracture - A thin crack that is also referred to as a hairline fracture
  • Oblique - A break that occurs at an angle
  • Greenstick - a break that happens on one side of the bone, allowing the other side to bend in an unnatural way
  • Comminuted - This is a break that occurs in three or more places throughout the bone

How do I know if it’s broke?

The short answer is, you don’t! Without the assistance of an x-ray it can be tricky to know when it’s a break or simply a sprain. Often with break it can be felt either through the initial contact that created the break, or the accompanying “woozyness” that is experienced after. Things to watch out for are -

  • Bruising
  • Stiffness
  • Swelling
  • Warmth
  • Weakness

Is it time to visit Premier?

It is especially important if you suspect a break to not put further pressure on the affected area until it is evaluated by a medical professional. Breaks can be a hassle and often times painful, but with the proper medical attention the outcomes are highly favorable. As always, visit your nearest Premier location if you are experiencing any of these symptoms and our team will provide the appropriate level of care needed to get you and your family back to good health.