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Occupational Health Services

Premier ER & Urgent Care has partnered with Thumbs Up to provide a full range of occupational health services. Whether in the pre-employment phase or recovering post-accident, Thumbs Up has got you covered. The company prioritizes building relationships with employers and employees.

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The Thumbs Up Promise

Thumbs Up promises to serve businesses and their employees with dignity and respect. With exceptional attention to detail, we will strive to improve quality of life through workplace safety and personalized education. This is how we build and strengthen pride in the American workforce.

We create a custom-tailored occupational health solution for each business. Our goal is to have less paperwork and more productive work. This means:

  • Less OSHA recordables
  • Less time lost
  • Less work compensation injuries
  • Less wasted time on paperwork
  • Higher productivity
  • Workforce stability
  • A happier and healthier workforce

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Thumbs Up Services

Thumbs Up offers the following occupational health services:

DOT Physicals

Health examinations mandated by the DOT for commercial motor vehicle drivers. These examinations ensure that drivers are healthy and fit to operate commercial vehicles. These cover a range of tests, including vision and general assessments.

Pre-Employment Assessments

Screenings that determine the suitability of a candidate before offering employment. These tests include medical check-ups and skills tests. The aim is to identify health conditions to maintain a safe working environment.

Drug Testing

Urine and blood tests to check for the use of illegal and prescription drugs. These tests ensure that employees are not under the influence of narcotics while at work.

Breath Alcohol Testing

Test that measures the alcohol in the breath. The test is done via a breathalyzer to determine whether an employee is under the influence of alcohol at work.


An audiogram is a test that measures employees’ hearing capabilities. Audiometric exams help monitor the effects of noise in the workplace.

Occupational Laboratory Testing

Tests conducted in a lab setting. These tests include chemical exposure assessments and blood tests relevant to occupational health and safety.


Medical tests that help diagnose heart conditions and monitor employees' heart health.

Spirometry Testing

Spirometry tests assess lung function in employees. These tests are critical in determining whether workers suffer from lung issues related to their jobs.

Respirator Fit Testing

Ensures respiratory masks fit properly on a worker’s face. This is necessary to ensure adequate protection from contaminants.

OSHA Questionnaire

OSHA questionnaires assess workplace compliance with safety regulations.


Vaccine preparations to help protect workers from job-related exposure to infectious agents. We can offer flu, COVID-19, TDAP (tetanus, diphtheria, and whooping cough) or Td vaccine (tetanus, diphtheria), and many other vaccines that might be required for work.

Flu Shot Clinics

We’ll bring a healthcare professional with flu shots directly to your company. To schedule an on-site flu shot clinic with one of our healthcare professionals, please click the below.

  • TB Skin Test

Skin TB protein test to determine exposure to tuberculosis.

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