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We Believe That Great Service is The Best Medicine.

At all our clinics, we have strict quality control and service standards. We constantly review patient feedback to improve our services and develop empathetic leaders who provide expert medical care and emotional support when patients are vulnerable.

Premier ER & Urgent Care provides a unique service that combines the medical expertise of an emergency room with the convenience of an urgent care clinic. We bridge the gap between these two types of care to ensure that all patients receive the best possible medical attention.

Emergency Room & Urgent Care Billing Under One Roof

Premier is the biggest provider of emergency room services with urgent billing across the nation. However, unlike most emergency rooms or urgent cares, we bill only for the level of services required. At Premier, emergencies are treated as such and not just billed as one.

We are the top healthcare customer service organization in the country.

Retail healthcare is all about setting high expectations and delivering on them consistently. At Premier, we empower our teams to make decisions as if they were caring for a member of their own family. Our patient experience is designed to prioritize your care, time, and loyalty above all else. This unwavering commitment has propelled Premier into a league of its own when it comes to customer service. Today, Premier ER & Urgent Care is ranked among the top 1% of global retailers for customer service excellence.