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  • Category: ER & Urgent Care
  • Location Type: ER & Urgent Care

About This Location

Premier ER & Urgent Care is located in Temple and is dedicated to delivering exceptional medical care with a team of board-certified medical professionals. Our pediatric care services cater to infants and children, and we offer in-house lab testing and X-ray services to ensure the highest level of care. Our urgent care services are open daily from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., while our emergency room is open 24/7. We are in-network with multiple insurance providers and have three other convenient locations throughout central Texas. You can walk in for medical attention without the need for an appointment, making it easy for you to receive the medical attention you require.

When to Come
When you or a loved one needs medical care due to an injury or worsening condition, you may not know whether to go to an urgent care facility or an emergency room. Premier ER & Urgent Care lifts the burden of having to decide if you should go to the urgent care or emergency room to seek the appropriate level of care.