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Cuts & Lacerations

Open wounds are very common, as we have all suffered from them at some point in our lives. This type of injury can be caused by falls, cuts from sharp object, car accidents, and more, causing a break in the body tissue. When the body surface is broken due to an open wound, the damaged tissues are exposed to foreign materials that can access the tissue and cause infections or complications.

When an open wound is minor it can be treated in our urgent care, but major wounds require emergency medical care.

Is it a minor or a Major wound?

There are a few signs to tell if a wound is major and therefore needs immediate attention. In general, if there is strong bleeding for more than 20 minutes, don’t hesitate and call Premier.

Signs of a Major wound

  • It keeps bleeding even after applying direct pressure for 5 minutes.
  • Blood spurts, possibly due to artery damage.
  • It is open wide.
  • It is deeper than 0.25-inches or longer than 0.75, especially if it is deep enough to reveal muscle, bone or fat.