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The Daily Dose: Walking

They say a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. But let’s be real. Most of us don’t even check our mailbox down the road anymore with what is probably a simple stroll. Instead, we hop into our push-start-engine SUV’s and put our foot on the gas to get there faster. But if we step back and think about all the things we do daily, we could add many miles to our shoes if we opted for our legs to do just a little bit of walking. And those miles add up pretty fast.

Walking helps maintain a healthy weight and is a comfortable and relaxing way to burn calories while also reducing your coronary heart disease risk. After a meal, a short walk may lower your blood sugar levels and help aid in digestion. Your immune system and energy will benefit from regular walking as well. This is because your body’s oxygen levels increase along with certain hormones like cortisol, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. Walking helps tone muscle and improves your thinking. Stuck on a problem? Go on a walk to clear your head and strengthen those legs!

Walking is easy, and there are many ways to add it into your day. You can park farther away from where you’re going to add in some extra strides. You can walk your dog. You can walk to a local restaurant and back. Take your kids to the neighborhood park on a sunny day. Leave your remote at the top of your stairs, so you have to get it when you watch tv. You can even walk away from somewhere you don’t even want to be. There are sidewalks, crosswalks, and even moonwalks for the more advanced practitioner. So be on your way and take a walk today.