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The Daily Dose: Snakes — Premier

Snakes. They hide away in small nooks and crannies and come out only to get just enough sun to barely move around. Then they sit in one spot for hours on end, waiting for their lunch to come. You might be familiar with this kind of behavior from your teenager during the summer. If you accidentally stepped on your teenager while they were lying out by your pool, a bite from them would be a mild reaction compared to the emotional turmoil they will probably deliver. But snakes are much more direct. If you step on one, they will probably just be providing a bite to your leg that will send you straight to the ER.

Just like emotionally charged humans, snakes are incredibly sensitive. They can literally feel vibrations through an inner ear and jaw bone structure that’s way too far out to explain. Just think that they hear what they feel. And they have a lot of feelings. It’s no wonder they can be so volatile sometimes. Snakes are either venomous or non-venomous. Many people will ask, “Ew, is that a poisonous snake?” You would kindly say, “No, it delivers venom through its fangs when it bites. If it were poisonous, it would deliver its poison after you ate it.” A snake will only bite you when it has to because that venom is a precious substance needed for paralyzing its prey. If you do get bit by a venomous snake, it’s time to get to a local ER or medical facility ASAP for either an anti-venom or tetanus shot, depending on the severity of the bite.

Snakes get a bad rap. The moral of the story here is to leave snakes alone. Do not pick them up or try to play with them. Wear high boots if you are walking in tall grass. Stay away from large piles of wood, rocks, and brush. Snakes need space. Just like soon-to-be adults, they just need to hide for a while under a rock until they shed their skin so they can get more in touch with their feelings.