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The Daily Dose: Allergies — Premier

We’ve been told to go outside more. Get some sun. Breathe fresh air. Take a walk in the park. But the perfect time of year to frolic in fields of lush grass, pretty flowers, and happy trees is also the ideal time of the year for seasonal allergies to knock you off your feet and leave you tumbling down a hill as you roll into a sneezing ball of pollen. Allergies can turn a pretty time of the year into a pretty awful time of your life. But while nature's pollen party might leave you feeling hungover, there are many treatments you can use to alleviate your symptoms, even if you’re allergic to the hair of the dog.

Allergies are just an immune reaction to outside substances your body thinks are potentially harmful. These include many things that can be eaten, breathed, or touched. Certain pollen from plants can make you feel like you have a cold. Some foods can cause swelling, hives, or nausea. You can even develop a rash after exposing your skin to some metals or latex. We’re not entirely sure why some immune systems react to certain substances more harshly than other immune systems. Still, most of your allergy symptoms can be treated using over-the-counter medication. For severe or unmanageable allergies, talk with your doctor for the best treatment.

If you have an allergy to a particular food, it’s best to avoid that food as much as possible. Seasonal allergies are difficult to avoid simply because pollen from plants floats around in the air. Allergies are inevitable and expected for many people, and there are varying degrees of allergic reactions that occur from person to person. Whether your allergy is severe or mild, talk to your doctor to get the best treatment. Many treatments include some antihistamine, which can either be prescribed or purchased over the counter. With certain treatments and medications, you can still enjoy a spring day or cuddly kitten without feeling like you need to live in a bubble.