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What Is Foreign Body Removal?

What Is Foreign Body Removal?

A child sticks a bean up his nose, or a bug flies into your ear. Both of these are examples of foreign bodies entering your body. Anytime an object gets into your body and becomes stuck, there is a risk you will need help removing it.

Foreign body removal can sometimes be an emergency. But it’s not always apparent that you need help to remove a foreign body. It’s also important to consider the foreign body's location when deciding if you need medical help.

How to Remove a Foreign Body from the Skin

Chances are you have removed foreign bodies from your skin before. Objects can enter your skin through an open wound or may be sharp enough to create an injury. A typical foreign object in the skin is a wood splinter. Glass shards can enter your skin when you step on or handle broken glass.

Gently washing with water and soap can help remove other foreign objects like debris or small rocks. But you may need medical help to remove barbed items like some thorns or fish hooks. Glass can also be challenging because you may not see all the pieces, especially if they are small.

How to Remove a Foreign Body from the Eye

When an object enters the eye, it can be irritating. Eyelashes or dust particles can cause your eye to feel scratchy and tear up. Blinking and allowing your eye to tear can often resolve smaller foreign bodies. But if you still can’t get the object out, try washing your eye. Get a cup and some eyewash or sterile saline. Place the cup’s rim against the bone beneath your eye, and tip the liquid into your eye to flush it.

How to Remove a Foreign Body from the Gastrointestinal Tract

Most foreign bodies pass through the gastrointestinal tract without issue. But objects can sometimes become lodged in the esophagus or the intestines. You may have sharp pain and trouble swallowing if the object is in your esophagus. Drinking fluids can help you to swallow the item.

Items can also get stuck in the intestines. Sometimes the objects can perforate the intestinal wall, causing a serious condition called peritonitis. If the item blocks the intestines, you may have pain or vomiting. A doctor may need to remove a foreign body that causes blockage or perforation surgically.

Other Reasons for Foreign Body Removal

Foreign bodies can also enter the ear canal, nostril, rectum, or vagina. Ingestion into these orifices can be accidental or intentional. But items can easily get stuck in all of these places. You may need help getting those items out. Children may force small toys or objects into their ears or nostrils. It can be difficult to grasp the objects, so seeking medical help is key.

It is usually safe to remove a foreign body if you can easily grab or reach the item with your fingers or a tweezer. But if the item is deep or moves deeper when you try to grab it, it is better to seek medical attention for foreign body removal.

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