What is a Freestanding Emergency Department?

Joshua Strommen MD, FACEP

A Freestanding Emergency Department (FSED) functions and operates as any Emergency Department (ED) does. It can be associated with a hospital or it may be independently owned. Independently owned facilities are only allowed in a few states, to include Texas, Ohio, Colorado, and Rhode Island.  In 2009 in the Texas Legislature allowed the independently owned centers to open for business.

 ·      These ED’s are licensed by the state, and they must meet the same architectural and equipment requirements as hospital based ED’s.

·      FSED’s operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and they must have an Emergency Physician and a Registered Nurse present at all times.

·      Emergency Departments have a wider medication selection, increased laboratory capability, and expanded imaging services compared to an Urgent Care.

PremiER is both a freestanding ER and Urgent Care

 What benefits does PremiER provide?

1.    Our physicians are all board certified in Emergency Medicine.

2.    The length of time to see a doctor, be diagnosed, and get treated is much quicker than your average community hospital.

3.    The FSED environment allows more time for our team to have focused and thorough conversations about your illness and treatment.

4.    If you need admission into a hospital we can directly admit you into your hospital of choice.

5.    With both an ED and an Urgent Care we can curtail unnecessary cost by putting you in the right place for your medical problem.


At PremiER, we have created the most optimal choice for ensuring that your unscheduled healthcare needs are met. We are local physicians with a genuine desire to serve your best interest.